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Using Social Media for Music Promotion

Websites are undoubtedly an essential tool for any business today, and that still rings true in the music industry. However, the use of social media platforms should not be overlooked, as they can be a great source of free traffic. It is not difficult to set up business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Visual platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are also popular with musicians.

Choosing a Device to Set Up Your Accounts

Social media platforms are notoriously fast-moving, and you need a great device to be able to keep up with everything. If your band is not yet famous and you are short on funds, then consider a refurbished imac at an affordable price from the website of mResell. With a six-month warranty, you have nothing to worry about, and returns are free for the first 14 days. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be doing your bit to help the environment by buying a refurbished product.

Which Social Media Platform to Use?

Facebook is undoubtedly very popular, and a quick search will reveal that all of the most famous musicians will have their own verified page. You can add links to videos and host live events. Your IMac will easily cope with the demands of live streaming. It is easy enough to contact the mResell website and ask for advice on which product to buy. Twitter is also an excellent option for revealing up-to-the-minute news, such as when you announce tour dates.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts in Advance

One thing to remember about your social media followers is that they are very fickle, and unless you post something of interest consistently, they will abandon you. Your iMac from mResell will undoubtedly have a great word processing programme and remarkable memory capacity, so it will be easy to write a huge amount of content. You can then use various programmes to schedule your social media posts so that a different one is published daily.

Selling Your Device

As your band becomes more famous through social media and you start to make some money, you may wish to upgrade your iMac to a better model. This is easily done through the mResell website as they will buy your old device. You are guaranteed a fair offer, and they will erase all your old content. However, don’t neglect your followers, and continue to use your iMac to engage with them on Facebook and Twitter. One of the great joys of creating music is being able to share it.